If you are looking for Iphone Screen protectors or Iphone glass screen protectors

Shoppersstop.pk iphone screen protectors  or iphone glass screen protectors are  available for

Iphone X or iphone 10, iPhone 8 Iphone7 or for iPhone 8 iPhone7 Plus, Iphone 6 iPhone6 plus iPhone 6 S or iPhone 6S plus, iphone5 iphone 5s and iphone SE are a good tempered glass film to protect the screen of the iPhone. It is a film of excellent quality. Delivered in packs of 1, this protective film is at the same time solid, thin and very ultra clear.

Shoppersstop.pk iphone screen protectors  or iphone glass screen protectors Package details are mentioned with all the products.

We give accidental coverage to all apple screen protectors ( models mentioned)

This tempered glass film is very strong. It protects the screen very well against scratches. As proof of its robustness, this protective glass is also guaranteed for life. It meets the 9H hardness test.

it comes comes with all the necessary items for easy installation. In addition to the two protective films, the pack includes wipes and stickers to clean and dust the screen of the iPhone before installation.

The protective film fits perfectly to the iPhone with precise cutouts for the speaker, for the ambient light sensor, for the front camera and for the Home button. This screen protector is therefore compatible with most cases and cases of protection.

Once the film is installed, the touch experience remains pleasant. The sensitivity of the touch screen is preserved thanks to the fineness of the protective glass. With 95% transparency, the film also allows clear visibility.

It should be noted that this Shoppers Stop’s Screen Protector for iPhone  only covers the flat area of ​​the screen of the iPhone. The curved edge of the smartphone is not covered by the film. This is the case with other models of tempered glass screen protectors. This prevents the film from peeling off the rounded edges.