Why Shoppersstop.pk ?

Why Shoppersstop.pk is better then other online stores in Pakistan. As Shopperstop.pk provides best customer services and even gives 15 days accidental coverage, free return policy, above all, We Sale what we Show, we Sale what we say.

Cutting Long Story Short, as Online Industry started here in Pakistan, We all as consumers face following Problems:

  • Product ordered and received is not the same
  • In pictures product quality is superb but we receive a bad Quality product
  • Extremely high prices paid but got broken, or damaged product
  • No way to return, and if you want to return, have to pay return charges or being paid later by that company.
  • The company doesn’t listen to you?
  • We pay the amount they offered and in the end Our Money is Flushed Down the Gutter or ” Paisay Zaya”

Why ShoppersStop.pk ?

So, When Shoppersstop.pk started it, We came to know there are around 10 Quality grades in china,

  • We (Shoppersstop.pk) always opted(BUY) for Highest Quality Available there at time of deal.
  • Product is same as shown and said, read details, if you dont understand write to our page
  • Video Reviews & Unboxing on youtube by us are also coming up and will be embeded shortly InshaALLAH.
  • If you are not satisfied, APKAY Paisay Humaray Liyeh Haram hein
  • Easy Return with no Questions asked.
  • TCS kay Office Send ker dain after Contacting us.
  • Multiple ways to contact us: Details mentioned on Contact Us Page
  • email (reply within 24 hours + Call)
  • call ( direct answer ), whatsapp 03328866960
  • Facebook Page ( message)