When Shoppersstop.pk started it?

ShoppersStop.pk Started in July 2016, when we become victim of online shopping fraud. So, we started with the theme of selling the products as shown with at lowest possible prices. As, pictures can be deceiving and when we started, it came to our knowledge there are around 10 Quality grades in china

  • We (Shoppersstop.pk) always opted (BUY) for Highest Quality Available there at time of deal.

  • Product is same as shown and said, read details, if you don’t understand write to our page

  • Video Reviews & Unboxing on YouTube by us are also coming up and will be embed shortly InshaALLAH.

  • Easy Return & Refund Policy

  • Fatest Shipping Policy

Helping you finding perfect accessories for your style & needs

Shop, all you need, as we sale what we say and show….!

  • Be affordable

  • Shop Original

  • Best Quality

  • Free Gifts

  • Lowest Prices online
  • Delivering All Over Pakistan
  • 100% Original Branded Products

Women Jewellery

Shop Jewellery Articles at very affordable prices

Same and shown, with our self taken pictures

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Accessories for Men

We have so many products in our collection for men to accessories.

From Mobile Accessories to Cars & Much more..!

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Affordable & Same as shown products for you to choose from

Pre payments only with Free Returns & Customer friendly refund Policy

Lowest prices offered on quality products with best customer support in case of any problem

Our new latest products for you to choose from to stay ahead in trends!

Do not forget to get benefit of our free gifts which are offered with our exclusive products and you can choose a giveaway as per your liking

Why Shoppersstop.pk?

We are better than other online stores in Pakistan. As We, Shopperstop.pk provides best customer services and even gives 15 days accidental coverage, free return policy, above all, We Sale what we Show, we Sale what we say.

Providing Easy & Fast Solutions to Online Buyers in Pakistan

We all as consumers face following Problems, Cutting Long Story Short, as Online Industry started here in Pakistan

  • Product ordered and received is not the same
  • In pictures product quality is superb but we receive a bad Quality product
  • Extremely high prices paid but got broken, or damaged product
  • No way to return, and if you want to return, have to pay return charges or being paid later by that company.
  • The company doesn’t listen to you?
  • We pay the amount they offered and in the end Our Money is Flushed Down the Gutter or ” Paisay Zaya”