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Refund and Returns Policy

Refund and Returns Policy2024-02-07T19:28:16+05:00 is a popular online selling company which takes the responsibility of our customers to shop online with complete peace of mind. We source high quality products and we try our best to provide our customers a best possible pre-sale and after sale experience.

Being in business, we completely understand that there is not 100% satisfaction always, there may be some issues with your order and you may want us to address these issues.

When it comes to after sale service the return part is most hectic and sensitive part of a sale. We try our best to make this a most convenient and easy part for our valued customers.

We offer returns as this subject is vast so we have to adhere a guideline for offering returns.

Returns Policy follows below guidelines if a customer requests a return and such request may be accepted in the light of below guidelines

  • A return request must be made within 3 days of an item delivery.
  • Please remember that returned item must be in like-new condition, with no physical or water damage or any wear and tear signs, in the manufacturer’s original packaging including accessories, tags, manuals and everything that came in the original box.
  • If anything is missing or the item is not in like-new condition, we may have to refuse the return.
  • If any item (a) is claimed for a return after the specified return period; (b) have been damaged physically, damaged by liquids or modified or (c) are missing any parts, your request for return will be refused.
  • If an item has been reported defected then our specialized staff will inspect the item physically and decide whether the defected claim should be addressed or otherwise action needed.
  • Items those are opened, used or damaged or do not have a receipt may be denied a return.
  • Please note change of mind for an item will not be considered as a valid reason for a return.
  • Closed out Sale items & items on Sale or Discounts will not be entertained for a return & refund
  • We hold the complete rights of approval, disapproval of exchange, return and refund.
  • There will be no warranty or return if there is any backfire or any issue caused by power supply.
  • Return may be less any rebates, restocking fees, shipping costs and handling charges.
  • There will be no exchanges whatsoever, and no money is returned unless in case of unavailability of the product.
  • We reserve the right to send you a replacement product instead that is the same or of a similar style, or a substitute equivalent that may not be of like/kind (depending on availability).
  • In some special cases we may offer a part return, exchange, vouchers or e-coupons instead of a full return.
  • Please note that we cannot offer a return against an order if we have not received the item.
  • Please note that shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.
  • The return shipping expense may be paid by our company in case of a customer received any defected item or there is any mistake in the order/product by the end of our company.
  • Our first priority is to issue the agreed amount back on the original payment method but it may be changed depending on the circumstances.
  • We aim to pay back against your return claim as soon as possible but it can take up to 4 weeks depending on chosen mode of payment.
  • You can simply login to your account and view my orders tab and click on the concerned order and then click return item tab and initiate the return. We will inform you the outcome via email once we have received and inspected the item.

By purchasing an item(s) from, you agree with our Return and Refund Policy.

Refund Policy

We take advance payment of your order to confirm. You can pay easily through Bank Al Falah Gateway or you can send directly to our Company Account with title Shoppers Stop at Bank Alfalah.

In case to direct payment, share the screenshot at email: or on our whatsapp number.

If the product(s) you ordered, are not in stock, do not worry, we will Refund 100% of your money in due time.

If you ordered directly through payment gateway and all cart item(s) are not in stock, you will get refund directly in your account.

In case of partial delivery, remaining amount will be paid by to you.

Your payments are secure and safe by Payment is reversible if the product is out of Stock as per customer acknowledgment.


Pre Ordering Issues2022-10-28T20:25:11+05:00

We have started pre ordering service which normally takes maximum 45- 60 days to reach you.

Once the payment is confirmed and it begins processing ( you will receive an email).

In case of more than 60 days or any issue with Pakistan Customs, we will refund your money if we wont deliver you on said time Automatically and inform you via email, whatsapp and also through call.

In case product is not same being pre ordered, we give 100% refund. 

In case of Order Cancellation, how can i get my money back?2022-07-04T16:39:22+05:00

If you place the order, and before confirmation, you cancel the order, the amount will Automatically be returned to your account you have used to pay. Normally it takes 2-7 working days for Automatic refund in case of Failed Order or Cancellation by Customer.

Can I cancel my order?2022-07-04T16:37:15+05:00

Yes, once we receive your payment, our representative will contact you for confirmation for order processing. Once the order processing starts, you can not cancel your order

How can I track my Order?2022-07-04T16:35:28+05:00

You will receive Email / SMS / Whatsapp with Tracking Number and Approximate time it should takes to be delivered at your given address.

How much time does it take to ship?2022-07-04T16:34:02+05:00

It takes 1-5 working days maximum to receive your order after your payment is processed.  Your order will be confirmed before shipping as confirmation.

What happens if my consignment gets damaged during shipping?2022-07-04T16:45:13+05:00

After Quality check, each order is sent to packaging team and they ensure, that you receive your order and all products in 100% intact brand new condition at your given address.

In case, you still get damaged product, inform us, we will send its replacement 100% free of cost right away.

Further, Suppose, we do not have that product no longer available with us, then we will refund 100% of your money with no questions asked.

What happens if I pay and do not receive my order?2022-07-04T16:28:05+05:00

We make sure, that you receive your order in 100% intact condition and is quality checked by our team making sure that every electronic item is working. You will be informed via Whatsapp, Email & SMS about status of your order at each stage.

Incase of any issue contact us on our social handles, whatsapp or email.


Can I return my items after the return window as expired?2022-07-04T16:13:28+05:00

Sorry, returns are not possible after the the said return period mentioned above in our Return & Refund Policy. You can reach our team for further questions 24/7 under

Do I have to return all products in my order?2022-07-04T16:22:51+05:00

No, you do not have to return all the products, but if you order something which has free gift with it, you have to return the product plus the free item you received. Making sure both items comply with our return & refund policy

Do I have to pay for shipping charges when I return a product?2022-07-04T16:22:37+05:00

There are no charges for shipping a product back to In case if you are being asked to pay  shipping company, the amount paid by you will also be refunded by us.

For Details Read Our Return & Refund Policy

What can I do if my return request was not accepted?2022-07-04T16:22:01+05:00

It only happens if the product in subject of return does not meet the return and refund policy .

By purchasing an item(s) from, you agree with our Return and Refund Policy.

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