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  • Audionic 2.1 Speaker AD 7000

    Original price was: ₨13,800.00.Current price is: ₨10,990.00.

    ₨2810 Off

  • Audionic Alien 3 Ac Power 2.0 Speaker

    Original price was: ₨2,430.00.Current price is: ₨1,099.00.

    ₨1331 Off

  • Audionic Mehfil MH 1212 Advance

    Original price was: ₨76,500.00.Current price is: ₨44,496.00.

    ₨32004 Off

  • Audionic Pace 8 (5.1 Speaker)

    Original price was: ₨43,500.00.Current price is: ₨29,134.00.

    ₨14366 Off

Shop Best Quality and lowest priced AC Power Speakers in Pakistan and know Woofers price in Pakistan

AC Power Speakers

AC Power Speakers comes with two stereo speakers and a central woofer subwoofer unit.

It’s usually used with desktop systems, home movie theater and so on. AC Power Speakers provides you a whole a lot better quality sound you can manage mid-range and high-end frequencies.

According to your taste, these Woofers come in wide range of sizes, designs and colors. Some of them are even waterproof, so you can use them to your favorite places and pool parties.

You don’t need to setup any drivers to use these AC Power Woofers. As, the latest models of mac and Windows operating systems will automatically identifies these speakers and you can use them any time.

These AC Power Woofers also come with Rechargeable Batteries like in Laptops. Therefore, they can be used while charging.


AC Power Speakers take an average 20-200 watts, higher the voltage it consume more the sound it will produce. It will also make it heavier and difficult to be moved.

Woofers Prices in Pakistan

Woofer prices in Pakistan vary from brand to brand and it also depends upon size and sound output. Woofer is one of major parts in a sound system. Just like speakers are used for reproduction of sounds, woofers are used to manage lower frequencies of the sound.

Woofer are used in car systems but now they are used with computers. They are many companies producing high quality and an exclusive range of woofers to their customer’s at the most reasonable prices.

The Prices of woofers sound system which are powered mostly by AC current ranges according to the quality of sound and its customized designs. Some of the Brands offering quality woofers in Pakistan are as under:
• Audionic
• F&d

Why woofers are better?

Woofers provides you a better sound experience than ordinary stereo speakers, as it add up the spice and make them supreme stereo. They also come in wireless mobile speakers help you listening to your favorite playlist on the go.

Where to buy woofers for Sale in Pakistan?

You can shop from us, offering woofers from top brands like audionic in Pakistan at very affordable prices. We check all our products being quality checked for any defects and provide 3 days checking warranty on all our products or as per our terms mentioned in each product. You can buy woofers for Sale in Pakistan today!!