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What are OTG Drivers?

OTG drivers are USB’s on the go
USB sticks have become as indispensable as Smartphones. Unlike these, these storage solutions offer more memory and are much safer.

The only downside is that their operation requires a computer. And it’s not easy to access this kind of material everywhere.

The storage experts have created, for our convenience, a device that can transfer or exchange data directly from one device to another. They named this innovation USB On-The-Go.

How OTG Drivers work?

The first and second generation USB keys use the master / slave or master / slave rule to communicate with another device (a computer). They thus occupy the place of slave and the host plays the role of master.

The principle remains simple, it is the computer which initiates all the commands: that it is the import or the export of data. Thus, if a person wishes to transfer a file from a USB key to his Smartphone, he will have to transfer the latter to a computer.

And after that he can export the file to his Smartphone. The USB OTG can bypass this long back and forth by eliminating the principle of master / slave. It allows two devices (USB and Smartphone) to communicate directly.