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Selfie Stick

Selfies are in fashion from a period of time, taking your own pictures was easy but when it comes to group photos and taking a beautiful background in the pic it become difficult. This is when selfie stick came in to role, a device with a rod on which you can hang your mobile and take pics from longer angles than you can do with extensions of your arms.
It’s also very helpful if you are a lone ranger, you don’t need to disturb other to take your pics. You can also take to your alone tours from recording videos from longer angles and distance.

Best Selfie Stick

Now a day Every Mobile Accessories you buy is a part of style, so instead of wasting your money on flimsy piece, go for something cool. Selfie Stick is not only the phone holder, while buying one for you should check its connectivity they comes in both wired and Bluetooth. Moreover, you should look at the durability of rod and its battery life if it’s a BT one.

Price of Selfie Stick

A Selfie stick can be good investment as in the era of social media good pictures is what all we want. Its price can vary depending on which quality you want, its height & weight and its durability.

Where to Buy Selfie Stick in Pakistan for Sale?

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